23 NOV 2020

3 Common Signs of Solar Mis-selling What You Need to Know

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Many homeowners like you commit to solar power solutions for their household because they want to make a difference by conserving energy. Unfortunately, some solar power companies take advantage of these opportunities by mis-selling solar panels.

For instance, there were around 1,500 complaints received by the U.K. Financial Ombudsman Service last 2018 related to the supposed financing of solar panels through Barclays Partner Finance, Shawbrook Bank, and BNP Paribas SA unit Creation Consumer Finance Ltd. These complaints have affected the demand for solar panels among homeowners. Fortunately, there are now ways to spot mis-sold solar panels for your convenience and security.

This article will discuss what you should watch out for when you purchase solar panels from any seller. Being oriented with the following three common signs will enable you to get the most out of your solar power plan and keep your best interests in mind.


1. You will be provided with suspicious claims that their solar panels can increase your electricity output by a quarter or higher

You will be bombarded with different kinds of solar power installations plans that may seem way too good to be true, and that’s when you should be on high alert. One of the most common mis-selling tactics used is about increases in electrical output, like panels that can bolster your household’s electrical supply by a quarter of the original rate. The truth is there are no such solar panels that can produce that much electricity.

As such, be attentive to the discovery calls and claims that these solar power salespersons provide you. Make sure that their guarantees can be verified through testing and proper surveying of your property for solar energy installation. Call our claims specialists if you feel you are being mis-sold solar panels to protect your finances.


2. You will be told that an Office of Gas and Electricity Markets (Ofgem) representative will come to your home to verify the legitimacy and functionality of your solar panel installation

Some sneaky solar power providers claim to work with renewable energy organisations to gain professional legitimacy in the solar panel market. Unfortunately, you can often expect that these kinds of affiliations are misused to the point of offering false promises.

One of the most common tactics that you need to be wary of is when the solar power provider claims that an Ofgem representative will visit your home to inspect your solar power system. However, there are no such services or initiatives being pushed by Ofgem and other clean energy groups.

If you encounter any solar power providers that promise the presence of clean energy providers, be mindful of the association bias it can bring. Stick to providers that sell solar power systems that are already well-inspected and ready for your convenient use. If you are currently under a plan that was checked by so-called clean energy representatives, call our claim officers immediately.


3. You will be told that all the solar power system warranties with your installation are now void, and your hired installer no longer is open for trading

You need to ensure that all warranties provided by your solar power provider are within an allowable period, or else they may void these warranty policies without warning. These companies are fraudulent because they are not being held accountable for any malfunctions on their installations, even if it’s still within the warranty period.

As such, request for clarification regarding the warranty period and coverage for your installation system. Don’t sign any plans with questionable terms and conditions. That way, you can protect your assets and invest in legitimate solar installations.



Investing in solar power systems for your household is a noble effort in energy conservation, but you have to be careful with the kinds of deals you are offered. Consider all the previously mentioned signs and keep your consumer protection a top priority.

Would you like to take action with your mis-sold solar panels? Partner with us at Consumer Reclaim. We operate on a No Win, No Fee basis for your convenience. Join us today to forward claims for all your mis-sold products.

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