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All You Need to Know About Flight Delay Compensation

Flight delays are something that we can’t effectively predict, but they can cause tremendous financial damage to us, especially if they are the reason we lose business opportunities. Fortunately, it’s possible to claim compensation for this sort of situation, which is what we will discuss in this article.

The rules on flight delays

If you’re flying from Europe or with a European airline, you have the right to file for compensation given the conditions stated below:

According to the Denied Boarding Regulation or EU Regulation 261/2004, if your flight was delayed, cancelled, or if you’re three or more hours late to arrive at your destination, you have the right to file for flight delay compensation. It’s important to note that you must have a confirmed booking and be checked in on time.

If you’re travelling from a non-EU destination with a non-EU airline, however, you may not be able to claim for compensation. It’s best to understand the compensation policy of your airline before booking a ticket with them in case a delay does occur.

Delayed due to long security queues?

If the delay is caused by the security check, you are not likely to receive compensation for it. The airline will often argue that you missed your flight because you did not arrive at the airport early enough to spare time for the security check. Regardless, you should file a claim for compensation.

Your entitlement for flight delays

Under EU Regulation 261/2004 — or the Denied Boarding Regulation — the compensation policy will vary depending on the length of the delay and the flight. We will go into details of these conditions below:

Flight delay of more than two hours

If your flight is delayed for at least two hours and depending on how far you’re flying, your airline has to give you the following:

  • two free phone calls, faxes, or emails
  • free meals and refreshments appropriate to the delay
  • free hotel accommodation and hotel transfers if an overnight stay is required.

What if there’s a drone disruption?

If there’s a drone in the vicinity of the airport, all flights will be delayed as the drone can cause significant damage to the planes and pose threats to all the passengers.

Unfortunately, you may not be entitled to monetary compensation, but you may receive free refreshments, meals, and hotel accommodations while waiting to be transferred to another flight.

Flight delay of more than five hours

In these cases, you have two options: get rerouted to another flight on the same airline or get a refund. These cases are extremely rare and they only happen in extraordinary circumstances.

Timeline for claims

Your claims are valid for up to six years after the delay if you’re flying in or out of a UK airport. Again, different airlines and airports have their own stand on these issues, which you will have to learn more about before deciding what to do.

How flight compensation terms are calculated

The main factors that will affect how much compensation you can get are the distance, length, and reason for the delay.

Listed below is how compensation is typically calculated:

Compensation for delay

Flight distance Delayed duration Entitlement

Up to 1,500km (932 miles) More than 3 hours €250

More than 3,500km (2,175 miles) Between 3-4 hours €300

More than 3,500km (2,175 miles) More than 4 hours €600

Connecting flights compensation policy

After quite a long period of deliberation, there is finally a clear policy on compensation for connecting flights. Passengers flying on a connecting flight from a non-EU airline are entitled to compensation if the connecting flight that departs from the UK is delayed by three hours or more at its final destination. If the passenger experiences delays or misses the flight to their final destination due to this delay, they have the right to file for compensation.

Can I claim for extra out-of-pocket expenses for a delayed flight?

According to the Montreal Convention’s Regulations, you are able to claim for any extra out-of-pocket expenses if there is any expenditure that arises from the delay.

If you’re looking to learn more about flight compensation, Consumer Reclaimers is your best option. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help you.

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