07 FEB 2020

Consumer Reclaim feature in BBC Inside Out Programme assisting customers with mis-sold solar panels.

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BBC One programme Inside Out examine the mis-sale of Solar Panels sold with grossly over exaggerated promises of financial benefits. Consumer Reclaim featured on the programme are now, since the programme, settling claims on a daily basis on behalf of clients after having battled with lenders and the Financial Ombudsman Service for more than 3 years. Solar Panel companies such as My Planet and PV Solar UK sold panels that were too good to be true that have never delivered the promised returns, taking up to 20 years to pay for themselves. The companies used lenders such as Creation Consumer Finance and Barclays Partner Finance. Despite Barclays describing themselves as partners of those responsible for selling the solar panels they have battled for more than 3 years with Consumer Reclaim who have fought tirelessly on behalf of consumers. Barclays have now set aside £38 million to deal with the claims for which Consumer Reclaim and its clients are grateful for. When approached by the BBC Barclays declined to comment. The programme also featured the Financial Ombudsman Service who has had claims for more than 3 years without making any decisions upon the claims. The Financial Ombudsman Service deny delays despite the BBC questioning why claims are still not dealt with by the Financial Ombudsman Service after being with them for three or more years. Consumers have the right to take their claims directly to the Financial Ombudsman Service but the programme demonstrates that any outcome, regardless of whether successful or not, can be many years in the waiting. Consumer Reclaim says that they are now obtaining satisfactory settlements within weeks since the programme and thank the BBC for exposing the widespread mis-sale and making those responsible accountable.

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