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Our Easy-to-Follow Guide on Making a Claim for Mis-Sold Solar Panels

Modern homeowners are welcoming various advances in technology to help transform their home into a smarter living space. Part of the revolutionary tools includes solar panel systems, which are popular for its ability to promote efficient use of electricity by providing renewable energy. The main purpose is to cut back on electricity bills and even reduce carbon footprint as a whole.

Unfortunately, many salespersons use the well-known financial benefits of solar panels as bait to hook homeowners into purchasing the system in spite of its hefty price tag. While the goal is to provide a solution to energy waste, the cost of installing one makes it unsuitable for everyone.

Who is Eligible to File a Mis-Sold Solar Panels Claim?

Solar panels are designed to generate a surplus amount of energy than you normally receive in your home. If you bought the system through a finance agreement or credit card, you are entitled to get benefits from the Feed-in Tariff (FIT) and notice significant reductions in your bill energy for the monthly finance repayments.

However, if your expectations are not met and you notice a major deficit in your FIT, you are eligible for filing a mis-sold solar panels claim. The same goes for the seller failing to notify you about the benefits. Other factors that increase your entitlement to file a claim for compensation includes the following:

● You were given false information regarding the amount of money you could save after buying solar panels. Additionally, some embellished the true performance of a solar panel and made lavish claims about it during the sales discussions.
● You paid or deposited for solar panels using a financial agreement or credit card.
● You bought the solar panels six years ago.
● Faulty installation of the solar panels.
● You were pressured to buy solar panels due to highly aggressive sales tactics.

What are the Options for Acquiring Compensation?

If you are eligible to file for a mis-sold solar panels claim either from falling victim to misleading claims, suffer from poor installation, or more, you can settle the matter using two options:

● Recession – This is the easiest and best solution for everyone as it involves ending the contract between you and the solar panel system supplier as soon as the claims are approved. This means that all the money you shelled out will be returned back to you, but keep in mind that this is only possible if the other party admits their liability.
● Claim for Damages – In this case, the contract does not cease. Instead, you are entitled to receive compensation in the form of the benefits that were promised to you by the supplier.

With that in mind, you will need the following information to successfully make a claim:

● A link or copy of information from the solar panel company’s website
● Copies of receipts of the initial deposit for the solar panels
● Copies of your bank statements
● Copies of all sales material handed to you by the supplier
● Copies of your quotations and agreements from the supplier
● Copies of your electricity bill for the 12 months before and after the installation of the solar panels
● Copies of your financial agreement
● A summary of the unfulfilled benefits the solar panels company claimed you will receive after buying their products

In Conclusion

Financing terms for a solar panel system typically lasts for a whopping 15 years, which is why hundreds of thousands of people fall victim to mis-sold solar panels. If you just recently fell into this growing trap, the guide above should help you navigate the tricky waters of making a claim.

If you’re looking to claim compensation on mis-sold goods or services in the UK, get in touch with Consumer Reclaim today! We’re happy to help.

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