25 JAN 2021

Our Guide to the Basics of Your Consumer Rights.

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The adage that the customers are always right isn’t always the case in the modern setting, but when it comes to handling mis-sold products, services, insurance, and more, then all customers have protection under the Consumer Bill of Rights. 


What You Should Expect as a Consumer 

Just imagine purchasing an item that fails to function on the get-go, or does not accurately match the description given by the seller, manufacturer, or business who sold the said goods. With that in mind, the Consumer Rights Act 2015 states that all products, services – be it physical or digital – need to meet the following standards: 

  • Satisfactory Quality – No one deserves to buy an item made with less-than-ideal functions, so all goods must satisfy the customer’s expectations regarding its quality;
  • Fit for Purpose – The item or service should be built for its intended purpose. A solar panel, for example, should fit the buyer’s needs, but they have the right to file a complaint when they are given false information; 
  • Meet All Expectations – A certain service or product is always marketed in good light, but it should also fit the bill when it comes to its description, image, or sample shown.

Failing to meet all three requirements will constitute a breach of your rights as a customer, which means you deserve a refund, repair, or replacement. Keep in mind that the compensation given will vary depending on how long the customer has the product or service in question, which is shown in the following: 


Consumer Rights Within 30 Days of Purchase 

If you discover any defects in the product or notice it does not perform as intended, all customers have the right to fully reject the product, service, or insurance and claim for a refund. There are exemptions placed on digital downloads, though consumers still have the right to repair, replace, or have a price reduction.


Consumer Rights After 30 Days of Purchase 

When the product, service, insurance, or digital download goes beyond a month under your care, then you no longer have the right to get a full refund. Of course, since it is still the fault of the seller, you still have the right to request a repair or replacement. 


Consumer Rights Within Six Months 

Many faults in the item can go unnoticed for months, but so long as it falls within the six-month timeframe, retailers will need to inspect the said product and see if the error was present when you first purchased it. If it’s proven as a faulty product, to begin with, you have the right to request a refund, prince reduction, repair, or replacement. 


The Bottom Line: Understanding Your Rights as a Consumer 

If you’re looking to claim compensation for mis-sold goods in the UK, get in touch with us today! When you buy a product or service that fails to uphold its promises, we can help you practice your rights as a customer for a refund, repair, or replacement change. 

Get in touch with us today at 0800 988 8822, our consumer reclaim specialists will take the drudgery away from the process and ensure any mis-sold goods, services, and even insurance will be given proper compensation. 

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