11 JUN 2020

The Problem With Renewables Mis-Selling and Why Its Important

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Renewable energy is the future of the world. Not only is it considered a technological advancement, but it’s also one that can positively impact the world as we know it. Through the efforts spent creating sources of renewable energy, we can now dream for a cleaner and greener future.

While the obvious impact of renewables is evident, its use is still not as widespread as many would hope. Unfortunately, the technology to utilize this is a significant investment on the side of the consumers. Although the use of solar photovoltaics, storage, and heat pumps are quite easy, the trouble lies in its marketing—particularly due to the mis-selling of products.


The Trouble of Mis-selling Renewables

The goal of a salesperson is to sell a product, and that doesn’t change when it comes to the sale of renewables. The problem with that mindset, however, is when you’re selling particularly technical products without any background information on how it works. This potentially leads to the issue of mis-sold products.

Misinforming a consumer about how renewables work can push them to file a claim for mis-sold goods. While this might not directly affect a sales-person, this can push financial investors to back-out in helping the spread of renewables—much like the case in 2015.

This made renewables more inaccessible to the common consumer, as funding was made more difficult to purchase them. Beyond that, however, it placed a poor brand perception on renewables, as they were then thought to be expensive, troublesome, and not fulfilling its intended purpose.


The Common Premises of Mis-sold Product Claims

Any basic misinformation or misappropriation can push for a claim for mis-sold goods. Through proper education and expectation-setting, renewables can then avoid being mis-sold. To help in this regard, here are among some fo the more basic misconceptions that lead to mis-sold goods claims.


For solar panels

Solar panels gather energy from the sun, which inevitably pushed a lot of consumers to be sold on the idea of “free electricity.” While marketers capitalized on this, this leads to some misconceptions as to how the solar panels actually worked—thus producing a lot of complaints about still having minor costs on their power bills.

Another basic issue with mis-sold solar panels is the power computations. Promises about power-saving capabilities entail a lot of math—which is why simply saying random numbers can lead to misinformation when someone actually computes them.

For storage

The trouble with solar panels lies in the evenings when there’s no more sun. It is with that in mind that purchasing energy storage units for your solar-panel electric system actually comes in handy. Despite the cost, it makes it a worthy investment for those who want to live more eco-friendly lives.

The problem with this, however, is that as a separate product, it is often mis-sold. Claims for misinformation on how it’s used is quite common, particularly when it comes to utilizing the storage during power outages—which are actually separate packages entirely.


The Bottom Line

Although renewable energy is known to be highly beneficial, misselling these products can hamper the public’s access to it. It is only with proper knowledge of the products that these implements can be sold properly, thus creating a better understanding with consumers on how their purchased products will work.

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