20 APR 2020

Victim of Mis-Sold Solar Panels. How to File for Claims

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As the world continues to advance, modern homes now welcome various technological innovations into their homes. Households continue to transform into smarter living spaces, welcoming automatic doors and lights, as well as voice command devices and robot sweepers. One of these revolutionary tools is solar panel systems. They are known for their ability to provide renewable energy, ultimately promoting an efficient alternative to electricity use. Owners can cut back on energy bills, and these panels help them live more sustainably by reducing their carbon footprints.

Unfortunately, many salespeople use these well-known benefits to bait homeowners into purchasing products despite hefty price tags. While the main purpose of solar panels is to reduce energy waste and consumption, the costs behind it remain unsustainable for everyone.

 The problem: “Self-funding” solar panels

According to the victims of mis-sold solar panels, salespeople assure them that the “panels would pay for themselves.” The results are far from reality, however, as the potential income they have been promised never came. These panels end up performing poorly. In the end, many customers are left with significant deficits monthly, having been forced to take care of both the financial repayments needed for the panels on top of their usual electricity charges.

Have you been mis-sold?

If either of the following circumstances applies to you, you are deemed mis-sold and are eligible for claim compensation:

  • You were misled with information – the amount of money they claim you’ll receive never returns
  • The solar panels you’ve purchased are functioning as promised – they end up generating very little energy for us

What can you claim compensation for?

Your claim compensation will still depend on the individual circumstances of your case, but the following outcomes may apply to you:

  • Full compensation on payment done for the solar panels
  • Full compensation for any interest in the money already paid
  • The cancellation of any remaining balance under a financial agreement
  • A revised financial agreement (for instance, a reduced or frozen interest)
  • The entire removal of the solar panels with no costs on your end

What if the company is no longer existing?

According to Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act, any consumers who have purchased items over £100 through credit cards or finance agreements will be covered. The finance provider or credit company is deemed jointly liable for any complaints you may have regarding the company that offered and installed the panels. That remains applicable even if the company is no longer in business. Furthermore, you may be eligible to recover all the costs you have paid to date, as with any interest paid in sums.


Unfortunately, more consumers continue to come forward with complaints about mis-sold solar panels. They customers recount how they were misled into the purchase, only to end up paying additional costs—returns are nowhere in sight. The desire to live more comfortably and sustainably is good but many turn the demand and desire into fraudulence—until then, it’s best to remain wary about investment decisions.

If you are one of those mis-sold by fraudulent companies, do not hesitate to come forward and ask for help. At Consumer Reclaim, our UK experts help deal with all manner of mis-sold products. We have dedicated ourselves to helping people who have fallen victim to malicious, unsuitable, and negligent financial and sales claims. Receive the compensation you deserve—reach out to us today!

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