05 JAN 2021

What to Do If Your Holiday Hotel Hasn’t Met Your Expectations

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There is nothing more frustrating than booking a holiday hotel beforehand and ending up in a hotel far from what you expected. Contrary to what you were made to believe, the hotel is under renovation, the room lacks certain amenities, and the accommodation isn’t worth the price you pay for. In short, it hasn’t met your expectations at all.

If you think you’ve been shortchanged, what can you do about it? First off, remember that you have the right to complain. In this article, we’ll discuss the problem and the causes of unsatisfactory holiday hotel accommodations. Keep on reading to know exactly what to do, as far as consumer complaints are concerned.


The problem

It’s common among solo travelers and families out there to book a hotel online for their accommodation ahead of time. All they do is to check the online website or deal with a travel agent, check the specifics, make a payment, and end up having a reservation.

The problem starts if and when they finally visit the place and the hotel itself, and it’s totally far from what they’ve expected. Some unmet expectations are as follows:

  • The hotel is under renovation.
  • The room is too small for you and your family.
  • The pool is closed.
  • There’s no gym at all.
  • Its aesthetics is far from the photos presented.
  • It lacks certain amenities.


The causes

There are two possible causes for unmet holiday hotel expectations: neglect and deliberate actions. 

The first happens if and when the travel agent failed to check things or forgot to inform the clients about things they must know. For instance, they were unable to mention that the hotel is going under renovation or that the pool is closed. 

On the other side of the spectrum, some agents or representatives deliberately misinform their clients to get them to book the hotel rooms for accommodation. When clients visit the hotel, it is definitely not what they’ve expected.


The solution

Despite this unlikely circumstance, the good news though is that you have the right to launch a complaint, should you feel you’ve been shortchanged. That said, follow the steps below:

  • Who to complain to: Your complaint doesn’t necessarily have to be addressed to the person who booked your accommodation. Depending on the situation, you can actually file a complaint against the following:
  1. The tour operator 
  2. The provider of the hotel or accommodation
  3. Your travel agent


  • What steps to take: It’s best to file a complaint as soon as possible. Apart from doing it in writing or submitting a complaint form, you must prepare the following documents:
  1. Invoice and confirmation number, ticket numbers, and any other reference numbers
  2. The holiday date 
  3. Proof of payment
  4. Misleading ads
  5. Misleading information
  6. Details of any travel agent
  7. Statements from any witnesses.
  8. What you would like them to do (a refund or compensation)



It’s worth knowing that under the Sale & Supply of Goods Act, you are entitled to receive goods that fit their description. If you’ve been shortchanged, you definitely have the right to complain.

At this point, you now know what to do as far as filing a complaint is concerned, so be sure to follow the practical steps outlined above. With all these, you’ll be on the right track and end up getting what you’re fighting for.

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