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What to Do When Your Online Order Doesn’t Arrive On Time – Our Guide

The Internet has undoubtedly made our lives more convenient in many ways. One of the top ways people use the Internet is for online shopping. Almost everything you need and want can already be purchased online. All you have to do is find an online store that sells what you need, add items to an online cart, checkout and pay for your order, then wait for the items to arrive.

However, what if the order arrives later than expected? What if it never arrives? What if you receive a wrong or damaged item?

Despite the intricacy of today’s e-commerce, something can still go wrong with your online shopping experience. You might have heard or read about some online shopping horror stories about customers not getting their orders or receiving items that didn’t meet their expectations. However, before you succumb to worry, know that you have rights. Read on to see what you should do in case of online shopping trouble.

Missing Delivery: Send a Complaint to the Seller or the Courier?

Once an online order is marked shipped, it is understood that the order has already been dispatched for shipping via the courier hired by the retailer. Some think that they should complain to the courier. However, this shouldn’t be the case.

When you buy something online, your contract is with the seller, not the courier. So, any complaint or question that you may have about your order should be addressed to the seller. Yes, even if you believe that the problem is down to the courier.

As the buyer, your responsibility is to communicate directly with the seller and assert your rights to receive your parcel on time and in excellent condition. Ultimately, it is the seller’s responsibility to coordinate with the courier they hire and with you to address your concerns.

According to the Consumer Rights Act, it is the seller’s responsibility to secure the condition of the products they offer online until you receive them or until the item has reached the designated delivery address or recipient.

Faulty and Damaged Goods: Accept or Reject

If your order had arrived in bad condition or if you received a wrong item, then you have the right to reject that item. You can ask for a refund, replacement, or repair, depending on the agreement you had with the seller.

Order Didn’t Arrive on Time as Requested: Who’s at Fault?

If you paid for expedited delivery and specified that you needed the item on or before a particular date, but it was delivered late, then that will be a breach of contract on the side of the seller. If your seller promised and committed that your order will arrive on the requested date, but it didn’t, then you may be subject to a full refund. However, if you failed to make it clear that you needed the item to arrive at a specific date, and the item still arrived within the published estimated delivery time, you have to honour the delivery.

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