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What you need to know about your shopping rights

They say that the customer is always right. In most cases, this is true in a personal and legal sense. However, it is far from absolute truth.

Let’s say, for instance, that you are off to a department store, in search of the perfect outfit. A white shirt with a catchy design caught your attention. Out of impulse, you purchased it. After returning home, you excitedly tried it on, only to find that it doesn’t fit you. The question is, can you actually return the item?

In this article, we will discuss what customers need to know about their shopping rights. Here are some important questions to ask:

  • What if you were mis-sold an item?
  • What are your rights if you change your mind?
  • What are other things to consider in regard to shopping?

In this section, we will answer all these questions for you. Read on.

Your Shopping Rights

When you go shopping and decide to buy a particular item, you are actually in agreement with the seller. There is an invisible contract signed between you and the seller after you have paid and got your item. An exchange occurs. You receive the item that was advertised and the seller receives your money.

There are cases when after purchasing, you are not satisfied with the item bought. The question is, can you actually return it? There are conditions, legally bound by law, that come with your shopping rights. We will discuss this further in the next section.

Mis-sold Items and Your Legal Rights

To answer the main question, you can only return your item if you were mis-sold. To simply put, you can return an item that is not worth the price you pay for. Perhaps the item is unsatisfactory, faulty, or damaged.

How can we define a mis-sold item?

First off, the item you bought should be as it was described prior to the purchase. Let’s say that you purchased a shirt tagged as a medium in size, but when you tried it, you found that it was size small. In such a case, you can return the item and ask for a full refund.

Secondly, the item you bought should stay true to what was advertised in the first place. For instance, let’s say that a shirt you purchased was advertised to come with a free sweater. Upon returning home, however, you found that there was no free sweater included. At this point, you can go back to the store and return the item or ask for the added freebie.

Some Exceptions

There are exceptions to the rule. Let’s go back to the main example and change the situation a little bit. What if, after purchasing the item, you realize you don’t want it? Can you return it? To put it simply, no. You can only insist on returning your item if you have been shortchanged or the item bought didn’t meet your expectations based on what was described and advertised in the first place.

Some stores, however, allow you to return the item on the condition that you get a different one. Others would simply submit to your demand. Please be advised, however, that in such cases, these are merely gestures provided by the business for client satisfaction. However, these are not in compliance with any legal obligation.

Other Considerations

When it comes to shopping, there are other things to be wary of such as keeping the receipt. Should unexpected circumstance occur, most stores ask for a receipt if you are returning an item and want a refund. In some cases, check stubs and bank or credit card statements can also provide evidence of your purchase if you’ve lost your receipt.

But the lesson here is that when it comes to shopping, you should not act on impulse. It’s important to always check the item thoroughly before handing over any money. After all, although the customer is always right, your rights end where that of the stores’ begins.

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