13 SEP 2021

A MAN was left to “suffocate” in a mouldy and faeces-covered council flat deemed “unfit for humans”.

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Shocking photos show thick black mould caked on the walls and faeces-infested water seeping down the walls.

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Mehdi, who needs a respirator to breathe, told ITV: “I’m waking up at night with a breathless fatigue because I’m feeling suffocated in here.

“My chest is feeling congested… I am on literally on the verge of nervous breakdown.”

Lewisham Council’s own independent inspection of Mehdi’s flat found the horrifying conditions were “unfit for human habitation”.

And last November, a leak which was left unfixed destroyed his home.

Mehdi threw down towels on top of the carpet in a desperate bid to mop up the river of water.

The distraught tenant, who suffers from chronic back and leg pain, fears he will be electrocuted.

“It’s almost about to hit the electric socket board,” he said.

Jeff Charlton, an environmental health inspector, found a “100 per cent chance of electrocution” at points in the property.

He also warned: “I don’t know whether that’s sewage just dripping through, bath water, a leaking pipe… but I must assume that it’s contaminated.”

His fears were proven when bacterial analysis conducted on the leak showed “significant faecal contamination”.

“It beggars belief that people have to live like this,” Jeff said. “It’s a travesty.”

Lewisham Council’s own independent inspection of Mehdi’s flat found the horrifying conditions were “unfit for human habitation”.

Mehdi has slammed the response to his hellish living situation as “pathetic”.

He said: “Nothing has been done whatsoever. Because they don’t have to go and live like the way I am living.

“It just feels like living in a slum. And I just simply don’t know what to do. [I feel] totally helpless.

“I don’t feel like even going in there because it stinks. I don’t feel comfortable. It doesn’t feel like a home.”

Mehdi has since moved out of his apartment and is now living in a hotel waiting to be rehoused.

Lewisham Homes, the social housing provider who manages properties on behalf of Lewisham Council, has apologised to Mehdi.

In a statement, chief executive Margaret Dodwell said: “We realise Mehdi has been put in a very difficult and distressing position, and we apologise to him for the condition of his home.

“Although we did make attempts to resolve the leaks, the service he has received is of an unacceptable standard.

“We are working closely with Mr Sheikh to find a new home.

“The increasing complexity of his needs and low availability of accessible properties, along with his understandable wish to keep his pets, have made that very challenging.”

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