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Does Icynene Spray Form Insulation work?

There are two types of spray foam insulation:
  • Open cell spray foam insulation – this has cells that are not completely encapsulated. This makes the foam a more spongy and more flexible material.
  • Closed cell spray foam insulation- this has cells that are completely closed. This means that air and moisture are completely trapped and cannot get inside the foam. This sets much more rigidly.
The foam is applied in a liquid form using power foam sprayers, which once applied expands and turns into a solid coating. The foam does have a greater insulating property than many alternatives. However, it is the extent of the insulation that is the problem with most roof foam sprays because it prevents ventilation of the attic space, which is a space that requires ventilation. The prevention of ventilation creates a build up of condensation, which over time is damaging to the loft pace. Roof foam spray of the closed cell version can also put stress onto supporting roof timbres causing distortion to the roof itself. IS ICYNENE SPRAY FOAM INSULATION DANGEROUS? Installers must wear full personal protection equipment (PPE) when working with the product, including full-face fresh-air-supplied respirators, protective clothing and chemical-resistant gloves. Other trades and personnel must be kept at least four metres away from the applicator while spraying is taking place. The requirements of the Icynene Installer Training Manual and the product safety data sheets issued to Installers, must be followed at all times." Independent studies indicate that with 24 hours’ active ventilation after spraying is completed, Icynene spray foam insulation is safely cured. " CAN ICYNENE SPRAY FOAM INSULATION WITHIN MY HOME MEAN THAT I MAY NOT BE ABLE TO SELL MY HOME BECAUSE OF BUYERS BEING UNABLE TO OBTAIN A MORTGAGE? The greatest problem with Icynene in the home is that it does create difficulties in selling a home, or getting equity release, because there are very few lenders who will approve a mortgage on a home with Icynene in the roof. Only with a favourable surveyor’s report will a mortgage company grant a mortgage, but all surveyors must point out the potential damage to the property regarding the foam insulation. Can I make a claim against the company that sold and installed the Icynene product in my home? You may be able to claim against the supplier of the Icynene product that has been applied to your home and Consumer Reclaim can assist you regarding this. Contact Consumer Reclaim by completing the Contact Us Form above, or calling on 0161 348 7670 or freephone 0800 988 8822 for free advice. If we are able to help you then any claim will be pursued entirely on a No win – No fee basis.[/provide_image_with_text_block_output]

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