29 SEP 2017

Consumer Reclaim arrange cancellation of £12k+ loan and forced Barclays to pay for removal of system

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Mr B from Essex had a 2.5kw system installed by 1st Energy in 2014 for a total price of £8200. Mr B financed the purchase using a Barclays loan arranged through 1st Energy for £12868.80. CR’s experts proved that the system had been mis sold to Mr B and that he would not have bought the system if he had not been told the system would be self-funding. Barclays initially refused to uphold the claim and made no offer of compensation. CR’s legal team managed to force Barclays into offering a full refund of all monies paid to them by Mr B in the sum of £2547 plus interest. They also arranged to have the £12868.80 loan cancelled and forced Barclays to pay for the removal of the system at a cost of £4620. Total claim value £17488.80

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