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Have you been mis-sold roof painting?

If you have been sold roof painting and have been told by the company that it will prevent heat loss then you will have been mis-sold as painting a roof will not prevent heat loss.

If you have been sold a roof painting after being told by the company that it will prevent heat loss, then you will have been mis-sold, as roof coatings will not prevent heat loss. Roofs are designed to breathe to prevent heat loss and so ventilation within the roof space allows heat to escape regardless of painting the roof tiles.

We have obtained settlements for thousands of customers who have been mis-sold roof treatments. Most of the roof treatments, which simply involve power washing the roofs and then painting them, have cost customers more than the cost of a brand new roof. Despite this, the roof treatments last for just a few years before flaking and peeling, leaving roofs looking unsightly.

Power washing the roofs prior to painting can also cause issues. The Tile Manufacturers Association states that under no circumstances should concrete roof tiles ever be power washed, as the power washing can remove the protective surface leaving it porous and prone to moss and damage from the elements. The paradox being that the company’s selling the roof painting treatment claim one of the benefits to be the elimination of moss.

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