Key Facts

Consumer Reclaim Ltd provides claims management services in connection with the pursuit of mis-sold goods and services type claims. The services we provide involve the investigation of mis-sold goods and services claims including subsequent assistance in seeking redress and/or compensation where appropriate.

In brief, our usual procedures are as follows:

  1. Obtaining initial instructions from a client and obtaining required information to be able to advise of required steps
  2. Assessing all information and advising the client as to whether they are eligible to make a claim and advising of the best process for their specific claim, this can include the option for referral to a panel law firm, if deemed appropriate
  3. Preparing the required documentation to be submitted to the relevant respondent
  4. Ensuring communication between the respondent and engaging them until admission and or rejection of the complaint
  5. Liaising with the client regarding the outcome of the complaint and the relevant procedural steps required to resolve the claim, this may include the option for referral to panel law firm if deemed appropriate

Client’s obligations

At Consumer Reclaim Ltd, we request our client’s cooperation to ensure complaints are as successful as possible. With this in mind, we ask for the following commitments from our clients:

  1. Provide requested information as promptly as possible (if available)
  2. Complete paperwork as required
  3. Cooperate with Consumer Reclaim Ltd during the claim process
  4. Do not mislead Consumer Reclaim Ltd in any way

How we keep our client’s updated

Throughout the process Consumer Reclaim Ltd will provide regular updates by either letter, email, telephone call or SMS messages. We ask clients for their preferred method of contact and will always endeavour to provide updates in this manner.

Consumer Reclaim Ltd fees

When a client enters into a contract with Consumer Reclaim Ltd pursuant to the Terms & Conditions, Consumer Reclaim Ltd, will be entitled to charge a fee of 30%+VAT of the gross redress/compensation recovered on behalf of the client.

It is important to note that if the redress recovered by Consumer Reclaim Ltd is utilised to reduce the amount of loan/arrears remaining, the client is still liable to pay any invoice amount.

The right to cancel

All clients have the right to cancel their agreement with Consumer Reclaim Ltd free of charge up to 14 days from the completion of the terms of engagement.

Following this 14 day ‘cooling off period’ if a client decides to terminate the agreement, they must pay Consumer Reclaim Ltd’s reasonable expenses in pursuing the claim up to the date of termination. Termination must be sent via recorded delivery. Reasonable costs include, but are not limited to,: £111.00 per hour plus VAT for work carried out on the case, cost of any agreed disbursements paid for on a case, £20.00 plus VAT per letter/email and £15.00 plus VAT per telephone call. These reasonable costs are payable within 14 days of the date of invoice.

If the agreement is terminated by a client after Consumer Reclaim have put your Claim to a Third Party (panel law firm) then you will be liable for either Consumer Reclaim’s reasonable expenses or Consumer Reclaim’s Fee of 30% plus VAT of any Offer made by the Third Party by way of settlement of your Claim, whichever is the greater, payment being due whether you accept the offer or not.

Available redress schemes

The services provided by Consumer Reclaim Ltd are not mandatory. Clients are not required to utilise the services of Consumer Reclaim Ltd or any other claims management company. Client’s are entitled to and can pursue complaints and claims directly to the relevant companies/respondents for free. If the complaint is then rejected clients can refer their complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service, at no cost. Choosing to instruct Consumer Reclaim Ltd is solely the client’s choice.

Consumer Reclaim Ltd is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in respect of regulated claims management activities, reference number: 835212. Registration is recorded at: Consumer Reclaim Ltd is registered in England and Wales, Company Registration number: 07223077. Information Commissioner Office number: ZA176000. VAT number: 144 4752 12