30 NOV 2020

4 Reasons to Make Your Timeshare Compensation Claim With a Specialist

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Realising that your timeshare was mis-sold to you can be a very frustrating experience. After all the time, effort and resources you’ve put into it, ending up with a contract you find disappointing or unlawful can be seriously upsetting. 

The bright side is that there are actions you can take to turn this unjust situation around. Particularly, you can go against the timeshare law and make a compensation claim. 

However, this is something that you must not do on your own. Taking on this crucial crusade alone may only result in grave and costly consequences for you. Rather, it is best to pause for a moment, take control of your emotions, and seek a timeshare specialist to help you compile your claim. 

Allow us to convince you further by sharing four of the many compelling reasons behind this in the sections below: 


  1. Walking Away Won’t Solve the Problem 

Although it would be nice if you can simply stop paying the annual maintenance fees and walk away as a sign of protest, things cannot be settled in this way. 

Aside from this, walking away will only make you lose your access to the timeshare resort along with your rights to it. What can be worse is that your timeshare company may forward your details to major credit agencies. This allows collection agencies to gain access to your information to recover the debt. 


  1. You’re Sabotaging Your Own Success by Going at It Alone

The timeshare industry, along with its rules and regulations, can be quite complex. On top of that, identifying and taking action against misleading contracts need an in-depth understanding of this industry and its laws. 

Without a professional to help you with your claim, there’s a big chance that you’ll miss crucial clauses in your contract that warrant a closer examination.  


  1. A Timeshare Specialist Will Help You Overcome Defensive Tactics Used by Timeshare Companies 

The ugly truth behind timeshare companies is that they do not void contracts and give out compensations easily. In reality, they will do anything to avoid this. 

Going against them on your own—especially if you do not have a strong knowledge of the industry and the law—will only make you another one of their victims to their defensive tactics. 

You can avoid this unfortunate outcome by enlisting the expertise of timeshare specialists. They have a solid knowledge of contract law, helping you overcome all the challenges that timeshare companies may hurl at you. Ultimately, they can help speed up the process and increase your chances of being reimbursed. 


  1. You’ll Need Someone to Handle the Long, Complicated Timeshare Litigation Process for You

Before taking any step forward, you should know that a time litigation case can be long and complicated. Processing your claim will also consume a lot of your time and require a lot of work. On top of that, it pays to remember that you have other endeavours and relationships to take care of. 

With everything going on in your life, you will end up becoming stressed out and exhausted from the inside out. This not only damages your personal and professional life but also cripples the strength of your claim. 

This is why working with a specialist is essential. He or she will do the legwork for you. All you have to do is cooperate and supply all the information or documentation he or she needs to complete your claim.  



Dealing with an unlawful timeshare contract can be one of the most stressful complications you will have to sort out. The good news is that you do not have to do this all on your own. In reality, enlisting the expertise of a timeshare specialist is the wisest move in this situation. They have the industry knowledge and the experience to help you with your claim. To get the best results, however, you must cooperate by supplying all your timeshare purchase documentation and other crucial information.


Dealing with mis-sold timeshare? Allow our industry specialists at Consumer Reclaim to help you compile detailed claims. We are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and specialise in consumer mis-selling of goods, services and insurance. Get in touch today to get started.   

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