06 APR 2020

Mis-Sold Solar Panels – What to Do and How to Make a Reclaim

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Solar panels are one of many innovative and game-changing tools that can transform properties into a smarter space – be it for commercial purposes or homeowners. Advances in technology have always been about improving the lives of people, and solar panels are no exception as they can provide renewable energy.

By installing solar panels, homes can boost the efficiency of their electricity usage, which reduce their energy consumption, cut back on bills, and minimize your carbon footprint in the process. Solar panels are quickly becoming a go-to addition in residential neighbourhoods due to its exponential benefits. Still, homeowners may not be saving as much energy and money as they initially thought.


The Problem with Installing Solar Panels in Homes

The goal of a solar panel is to cut back on energy usage, which leads to a significant reduction in utility costs. However, it will take several thousands of dollars, so its effectiveness will vary for every home depending on the customer’s budget, energy consumption, size, and location of their property.


The Reality of Mis-Sold Solar Panels

Solar panels cost a hefty sum, but salespeople often leverage the idea that the tool would “pay for themselves” in the long run as the expected savings from energy bills can help you set aside enough to take out a loan. Not to mention, the opportunity to sell back surplus energy, which is referred to as “feed-in tariff,” promises to give you a profit, which often seals the deal for unsuspecting consumers.

Unfortunately, the thought that solar panels can serve as a self-funding tool is misguided, which leaves thousands of people in dept as they are stuck in an expensive financing arrangement.


How You Can Make a Solar Panel Claim

Solar panels are one of the biggest mis-selling scandals over the last decade, so many claims companies can cater to your needs so long as you fall under the following conditions:

  1. You could claim if you purchased solar panels through any form of credit over the last six years.
  2. You can claim if your solar panels do not generate as much electricity as was promised.
  3. You could claim if you were misguided on the amount of money you can receive from the feed-in tariff.

If you are experiencing any of the above scenarios, you are eligible to claim compensation with the help of professional, mis-sold solar panels solicitors like Consumer Reclaims. You can also apply for a reclaim if the salesperson used aggressive tactics on you and refused to leave your property to pressure you into buying. To that end, you can claim compensation for the following:

  • The amount paid towards the solar panels
  • The internets on the money paid for the solar panels
  • The remaining balance under a financial agreement
  • Free removal of the solar panels


The Bottom Line

Solar panels may be designed to enhance the efficiency of energy usage and cut back on utility costs. Still, it will take expensive years before an everyday homeowner can feel its changes. While solar panels are also good for the environment, it is not well-suited to every home as the large sum of expenses will only leave homeowners in a financial bind more than ever.

If you’re looking to claim compensation on mis-sold solar panels in the UK, get in touch with us today! We’re happy to help. Email info@consumer-reclaim.co.uk now with any questions you might have.


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