18 MAY 2020

Purchasing a Solar PV System – The 3 Signs of a Scam

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As with many sales out there, you will always find that one salesperson who makes offers to look so much better than they actually are. However, when it comes to solar PV systems, these “offers” can end up being straight-up scams. For example, they might be offering what seems to be a fantastic benefit—however, this “benefit” only ends up costing you much more money in the long run. These things are not necessary for your solar PV system, but they will make it feel like you need them.

So, when purchasing a solar PV system, make sure to look out for these three signs that you’re being scammed:


  1. Free service on the get-go

Did you just run into an offering that offers you a free contract for a month or two as a reward for starting a deal? While some businesses out there do provide free promotions occasionally, they are targeted towards their already-existing customers.

This means that if you were randomly contacted by someone you’ve never met before, they are most likely planning to scam you out of your money. To avoid this, always be wary of those “free opening contracts” offers, as you will more than likely end up paying more than what you really should be spending.


  1. Extra maintenance

If you were offered maintenance services or a free upgrade for your solar panels, then that is a huge red flag. Normally, you’ll be the one calling a service for maintenance, not them calling you.

This is even sketchier if the person calling you is not from the same company as the company you got your solar panels from. If this is the case, do NOT avail of these services, as potentially getting your panels wrecked by some other company can void your panel’s warranty. If you need maintenance to be carried out, always contact the company you got the panels from and nobody else.


  1. Claims too good to be true

If something seems too good to be true, then sadly, it most likely is. If you find that a salesperson has contacted you and talked to you about the “best” solar panels ever created, you can be sure that they are lying. No reputable company or salesman out there is going to claim their products are the best of the best. Instead, they let the products do the talking.

While reputable sources will still make outlandish claims, they are reasonable and, more importantly, achievable. Plus, their claims will usually be backed up by evidence, such as a portfolio of the jobs they have carried out as well as the statistics to prove that what they do works efficiently and effectively.



Unfortunately, there are people out there who try very hard to scam other people out of their hard-earned money. This is usually a trap for those that aren’t knowledgeable about their schemes, meaning that the only way you can prepare yourself for such a situation is to understand all the signs of a scammer and call it off before something terrible ever happens.

If you’ve already gotten yourself into a scam, then don’t worry. We can help you get compensated for trouble such as mis-sold solar panels in the UK – Reach out to us today!

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