02 MAR 2020

Several aspects you need to know about Solar Panels

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With the global threat of climate change and green energy rapidly growing, solar panels have become the most environmentally-friendly option for most homeowners. Solar photovoltaic (PV) systems—also referred to as solar energy systems, solar panel systems, and solar power systems—are a group of electrically connected solar cells that are enclosed in a frame that converts sunlight into usable electricity. This solar energy can be used to supply electricity to your business, your home, and even your vehicle.

Switching to solar power systems has many advantages, ranging from saving money to reducing energy bills to saving the environment. Before you decide on adapting this renewable solution for your home or business, there are a few aspects you might want to know about solar panels first.


Two Types of Solar Panels

  • Solar Thermal Panels heat up water by absorbing the warm temperature of the sun and can be used to heat swimming pools, homes, or business units.
  • Photovoltaic (solar PV) panels are the ones commonly used on roofs to convert sunlight into electricity.


The Initial Cost for Solar Panels Installation

Despite the fact that the initial installation costs can be relatively high, it is still a valuable investment. Plus, the savings from energy bills and government assistance, the payback period is considerably shorter than you might expect. Curb value is also increased as homes that are installed with solar panels sell much faster than those without. This is why investing in a solar panel system has been proven to give better returns than bonds and stocks.

With technological innovations and rising demands for solar panel installations, prices are likely to go down due to the lower costs of materials. However, make sure that you only trust reliable manufacturers and installers to handle the job to prevent any issues with mis-sold solar panels.


Solar Panels are Highly Durable

Not only will solar panels help you save money on bills and preserve the environment, but it can also contribute to an extended life span of your roof. Solar photovoltaic panels are made of durable tempered glasses and can withstand snow, hail, high winds, and torrential rain. Over time, solar panels help protect your roof from daily wear and tear.


No Maintenance Required

Once the panels are installed, no maintenance will be required. You only need to make sure that they are clean and not covered by anything that could block the light. Less cleaning is required if you have a tilted roof since rain could wash away any dirt and debris. Solar panels can also last from 25 years up to 40 years at maximum, with most manufacturers offering a 25-year warranty.


Benefits and Potential Issues with Solar Panel Systems

With the right planning, your solar panel system can help generate electricity to have you covered for the next 12 months. The power that your panels provide can be enough to eliminate most of your electricity bills, as long as you have enough roof space to install the appropriate size of solar panels for your home.

Another major benefit of using this technology is its ability to help save the Earth through a clean energy source usage. As with the benefits, however, there come its drawbacks as well. While solar panels are a great choice for rural homes and businesses that paying high energy costs, it may be a cost-effective option for properties located near large coal operations and hydro dams.

Contrary to popular belief, solar panels are not as effective in hotter climates due to the fact that solar cells utilize sunlight and not heat, which is why their efficiency is significantly reduced by high temperatures. Also, expect an increase in your insurance premiums by a few dollars monthly when you install solar panels on your property.


Final Thoughts

Going for solar panels is an excellent idea, especially when you’re trying to make your home environmentally–friendly. When you hire installers or purchase solar panels, check for the manufacturer’s reputations beforehand so that you don’t make a bad deal. If at some point you need assistance with mis-sold solar panels, get in touch with us to see how we can help you.

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