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Tips To Help You Get Your Car Fixed For Free or Fully Refunded

A car is a significant investment. Every car owner does their best to keep their vehicle in tip-top condition, but unfortunately, nothing lasts forever. Sooner or later, faults will start to pop up and mechanical problems begin to hinder its performance.

If you’ve bought a brand new car and you find it faulty, you have the right to claim a full refund or have it fixed. Not sure where to start? Here’s what you need to know:

Returning a Faulty New Car

Whether or not you’re allowed to return a faulty new car depends on the fault and your rights. According to the Consumer Rights Act of 2015, any vehicle you purchase must be as described, fit for purpose, and satisfactory in quality. In other words, you must get what you’re promised—a working car. In the real world, the ‘fault’ must impact the operations of the vehicle to claim for repair, replacement, or refund by the seller. Minor problems that do not impede car use are instead covered by warranty.

Fixing a Faulty New Car For Free

The best way to get your car fixed for free is to talk to the seller and ask. Under the CRA, the seller is required to fix the vehicle at no additional cost to you. Take note that what you claim depends on how long you’ve owned the car. If you’ve had the car for less than six months, you can send your vehicle in for a fix without having to prove fault. The seller, in return, will have to prove that the car isn’t faulty in any way. If you wait any longer than six months, you’ll be the one responsible for verifying that the fault was present the day it was purchased.

Refunding a Faulty New Car

If the above is unsuccessful, you can claim a refund instead. You might even be able to request for a like-for-like replacement, but most dealers will object to you doing so as it is costly. If you’ve traded your old car for a new one, you won’t have to worry about being given the old car back. Instead, you’ll be given the full price of the vehicle, including any VAT and road tax.

Dealing with a Car on Finance or Hire Purchase

If you’re financing your car with a fixed-term loan or by credit card and something goes wrong, you can claim against your credit card provider or finance company. In a sense, you treat the finance company as if they were the seller.

If the car was bought as a hire-purchase deal, ask the finance company to deal with the problem and fix it for you. Technically, they own the car, not you.

It’s crucial for you to inform the seller immediately when you spot a problem with a brand new car. Try to be calm, yet firm while explaining what you want to be done. Getting angry and shouting at the other party won’t get your car fixed any faster. Finally, keep records of all exchanges such as emails and brochures and jot down any conversations you’ve with your seller.

With all that said and done, you’ll be given the best chances of successfully getting your car fixed or receiving a full refund. Good luck!

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