22 MAR 2021

3 Ways to Claim Against Your Landlord for Disrepair

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Renters know that incredibly difficult landlords exist, but while a disagreeable attitude and less-than-desirable property management can be bookmarked to your tenant horror stories, some problems deserve legal action. Suffering in silence due to negligence and unattended repairs, for instance, are just one of the many problems that compromise your rights as a renter. 

Living in a space that is in a state of disrepair can cause a myriad of inconveniences that lower your quality of life, so landlords that fail to make the necessary fixes to the property can be filed with a housing disrepair claim. After all, it’s only your right to get the compensation you deserve when the space you’re renting is essentially uninhabitable. 

If you think your landlord isn’t doing anything to repair structural issues, faulty pipes, clogged toilets, and other defects in your rented space, then the tips below should help you make a strong claim against your negligent landlord: 


Tip #1: Identify the Type of Repair 

It can be tricky to draw the line between the landlord’s responsibility and yours as a renter. Minor wear-and-tear such as a broken light bulb should fall in your hands, but major repair jobs that put your state of living at risk must be addressed by your landlord. 

However, home improvements do not count, so you can’t fault your landlord for not installing smarter features, top-of-the-line appliances, and other trendy upgrades. Nonetheless, landlords are responsible for keeping appliances and electrical systems up-to-date to ensure everyone’s safety, so they must also yearly inspections. 


Tip #2: Gather All Evidence That Proves Your Home’s State of Disrepair 

The best way to bolster your claim against your landlord is to provide all the relevant information that shows their negligence. Take pictures of the broken features like mould growth, gas leaks, mice infestation, and more in your rented space, save copies of all correspondence, and don’t forget to keep receipts in case you did some repairs or replacements from your own pocket. 


Tip #3: Be Sure to Have Your Complaint in Writing

Many things can be lost in translation when you make a verbal complaint, but sending a letter or e-mail can increase your chances of making a claim. This is because a written record shows that the property is in disrepair, yet the landlord failed to take the proper action to fix the problems.


The Bottom Line: Protecting Your Rights as a Renter 

Renters take up 17 per cent of the living accommodations in the UK, so it’s only natural that a significant number of people rely on their landlords to keep their rented homes liveable. Don’t let your rights get stepped on and ensure your quality of living is up to your standards, especially when your landlord fails to uphold their responsibilities. 


How can Consumer Reclaim Help?

If you’re looking to claim compensation for mis-sold goods in the UK, get in touch with us today! When you buy a product or service that fails to uphold its promises, we can help you practice your rights as a customer for a refund, repair, or replacement change. 

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